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As the premier Electricians in East Hanover, NJ, Ignozza Electric can take on whatever project you have in mind. We're so proud to have an amazing team waiting to work for you. 

We only hire skilled, dependable people, so you know your project will get done right. We offer Residential, Commercial and Industrial service. 


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"This is the third time we have had Ignozza Electric come to our house to provide a service. Each time he has been prompt, courteous, and very professional. This last time he installed a generator for our home. He guided me from the time I was interested in getting the generator to the installation itself and spent a lot of time explaining to me what he was going to do and even how to use the generator and I felt he had my best interests in mind. His price is very reasonable considering the 1:1 attention you receive from him. Highly recommend this company!"

David Kou Google


Commercial Electrician in Morris County, NJ

The ability of a business to operate at optimal efficiency is dependent on adequate and powerful electrical systems. Even under constant stress, commercial electrics must maintain efficiency and dependability.  Your facility's efficiency and safety may be at risk with old or badly maintained systems.

Ignozza Electric is a full-service electrical contractor serving East Hanover and surrounding areas. We strive to be the most trusted energy technicians in the area by providing industry-leading, high-quality service.  For more information about master commercial electricians near you, contact us today!


Our Services

To keep their operations running effectively, commercial establishments rely on reliable electrical infrastructure. In the workplace, having access to high-quality electricity is vital. Any electrical problem could have a significant influence on your company's operations.

Ignozza Electric is the most qualified commercial electrician in Morris County. Our professionals can guarantee overall efficiency, check for compliance with national electrical codes, and more. It is highly recommended that your company work with the industry leader in commercial electrical solutions.  Our electrical work comes with an array or benefits and services, including:

Our services include:

Lighting Maintenance: Commercial buildings require constant maintenance of their electrical circuits to ensure that they remain in efficient operating shape.

Generator installation and maintenance: Experienced teams work on backup generator systems as well as service older generators to keep them in working condition.

Energy management services: Commercial energy management deals with monitoring consumption and suggesting how businesses can utilize their electrical usage better.

Repairs and inspections: Buildings require inspection certificates to operate to code. Our experienced teams are versed in performing an on-site inspection as well as any repair services that may be required on the wiring or electrical infrastructure of the building.


New & Old Construction

We provide electrical services for new & older homes for residential & commercial applications.


Pool Light

Pool wiring requires special expertise due to the interaction with water. We ensure all of your pool wiring is safe.


Panel Upgrades

Need to correct an electrical code violation? We know NJ code and will correct any issues.


Home Inspection Repairs

Need home inspection repairs? We will get the job done quickly and at a fair price.


Review - The Ignozza Electric Guarantee

The Ignozza Electric Guarantee

With our 30 years of experience, Ignozza Electric technicians guarantee knowledgeable service by industry-leading professionals. Ignozza Electric's team always takes a customer-oriented approach, ensuring that we have a solution for any electrical issue.  Our team of technicians are trained and, equipped to handle every job with quality care.  For more information about how we can help you, contact us today!


Five Stars

"We've used Ignozza electric several times over the years. Very reliable and reasonably priced.
Highly recommend!!"

Karen P, Facebook



Ceiling Fan Installation

Add style and increase the efficiency of your air conditioning. Contact us for all of your ceiling fan needs.


Generator Backup

We install and can service generators. Don't be caught without power!


Residential Electrician

We provide electrical services for old construction in both residential and commercial applications.


Commercial Electrician

Don't hesitate to give us a call today for all of your electrician needs.


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